Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Pick

I just started trading stocks on PSE a couple of months ago. A lot of my friends discouraged me from investing (betting) in the stock market as I will have more chances of winning if I play poker or play black jack.

Well from my point of view, it is actually like poker, it is still gambling but you have a chance of winning once you get to know the game and the players.

Like poker, betting in the stock market requires risk taking, reading the players (other traders), some basic analysis and luck.

Here are the stuff I read and watched to give me at least a background on how to play.

A Random Walk down Wallstreet

Investing for Dummies

The Money Masters

Boiler Room

I know, I know you might say, "what? but those are references that are based in the US Market. And a Movie?!?!"

Well, the movie Boiler Room is about what not to do in the stock market. And the others are not about the Philippines Market, but I think that the game remains the same only different players. (Although in PSE, there's no way to short a stock or buy options. Not that I know of)

Also, whatever happens in the US Market has a direct impact in our market. Just like what happens to AIG, a lot of traders in PSE sold their shares at a loss on that single day. Of course I did not sell, I just wondered what's with those people selling stocks at a loss.

Anyways, I'll continue to share my experiences with trading in PSE, and maybe improve my writing skills on the process too.

My Current Portfolio:
(64% of portfolio) MEG +5.94%
(28% of portfolio) SMDC +1.86%
(08% of portfolio) DGTL -17.38%

My Buy List:

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Jonha said...

I really enjoy honest to goodness regular posts like this. You gave me a pretty description of the stock market, companies to invest in and makes me feel like really buying some stocks now. I have been contemplating about this lately and you have been very informative.