Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Years in the Stock Market and What Did I Learn

I just realized that it's been 2 years since I created this blog and it's been two years since my first trade.

What did I learn?

By reading through all my post and all my past mistakes (experiences) I came to realize that I should have done the following :

1. Placed all my money on some stocks that I knew would not go belly up in the next 4 years. (i.e. MER, SMDC, SM, MPI - Since these stocks in my opinion have the most potential)

2. Typed in a wrong password to my Online account a couple of times until it got locked-out.

3. Had fun.

4. Unlocked my account 2 years after (which is now) and reaped the couple-of-fold PROFITS.

** I bought a lot of SMDC back when it was still 2 something, sold when it got to around 4, now it's at 10ish.

Since it's too late to profit from the recession.

Here's my new plan :

1. Hold and Buys some more of SMDC, MPI and AP.
2. Wait till it's the bull market again and sell before the next recession. (DJIA around 16K)
3. When I'm having that gambling urge, I'll go to resorts world and spend a couple of hundreds to ease it.

Should have stuck with fundamentals :(
I hope this is just a rookie mistake; I'm a sophomore now so I should know better.