Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Place where a man eats his own words everday.

I've read from Reminiscences of a stock operator, that the stock market is a place where people eat their words all the time.

Enough said.

I sold all my other stock, put my bets on the following, PX and SMDC. PX gave me a handsome paper profit so far, I hope this will continue. I'll sell it when it reaches P/E of greater than 20.

SMDC, my long term stock pick, I'm expecting a another increase in EPS. My friend used to work for Megaworld (MEG), selling condo units, he quit his job and is now with SMDC. His reason is that, it is easier to sell SMDC units and few customers comes back to him and complain about the sub standard quality of the condos they bought. So that's my only reason. I'm a bit worried about the astronomical P/E of SMDC though.

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Anonymous said...

If current MEG owners dump their shares in favor of SMDC shares after reading your "tip" from this blog, then MEG becomes cheaper for other interested investors. I'm closely reading your blog posts in order to see how I can profit from what other investors like you are doing in the Philippine market. Thanks.