Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One more good reason to buy SMC

I've just posted that I'm pulling all my stocks out because I am expecting a major correction. However, I'm leaving behind 2 stocks, SMC and SMB.

I've also posted on my previous PSE Stock Tip entry why I chose SMC and SMB.

Now, there's one more reason to buy into SMC, and that is, as I am typing now, SMC is up 7.87% and is at 68.5 from 63.5 the other day.

Also, SMC and SMB are two of the RSA-Related Stocks that are not up astronomically. Thus, there is still potential for these two stock to be at the same level as the other RSA related stocks.

Download the PDF from philequity.net
Philequity Corner: Beneficiaries of the Turf Wars

Based from the article above, you can see that SMC, SMB and Petron are among the stocks that has not significantly gained due to the MVP and RSA rivalry.

But still, Q2 earnings for SMC is not out yet, I expect a drop in the EPS given all these acquisitions, but SMC is a long-term buy for me. So whatever happens to their short term financial statements, I'll still keep on accumulating this stock.

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