Monday, June 6, 2011

PSE MegaWide (MWIDE) - SM's Construction Company

My new stock pick Megawide Construction Corporation MWIDE on the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE).

I recently bought a couple of Megawide shares, hoping it will follow SMDC's performance.

SMDC started at around 3 and now is at 9. I believe this is solely due to SM's good business sense.

Given that MWIDE is a construction division of SM, it already bags SM construction projects by default, in my opinion. So they have a solid project base from day-0.

I will continue to monitor and study this stock, but same as SMDC, I see a lot of potential.

Bought @ ~8.9.
P/E @ ~ 11.16

I'll be gradually accumulating this stock, while I get more information about this company.

Tune in. :)

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